Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline

The Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline appears to be an excellent solution to some of our major energy problems, but it continues to encounter difficulties. Although TransCanada acquired a license and seed money from the state of Alaska, the federal approvals in order to move forward with the construction have continually stalled. There are Aboriginal land claims, setting up of conservation areas, and environmental permits to work out in addition to many other matters. The project already has the land rights for 60% of the pipeline route in Canada.

TransCanada agreed with ExxonMobil in 2009 to work together on this Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline. These two companies have a history of successful mega projects, proven experience with gas treatment and pipeline technologies, and the necessary financial resources.

On January 5, 2008, then Governor Sarah Palin signed into law a bill giving the state the necessary authority to award TransCanada Corp. $500 million in that mentioned seed money. The license was to build and operate the $30 billion Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline. However, federal energy regulators still would have to approve the project.

This proposal would transport natural gas from the large reserves discovered in 1967 in Prudhoe Bay in the Alaska North Slope to the United States Midwest. It was anticipated that it would be operational by 2018, would directly replace imported crude oil with a secure and reliable clean energy, would allow the transport of 4 billion cubic feet of natural gas each day to Canada and the United States, and would create 6,500 much-needed jobs.

Applications from other competing companies have been filed with the United States Federal Power Commission because many corporations would like to be approved for this very lucrative Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline. Under the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Act of 1977, the Commission has the legal right to choose who will build this pipeline and what the final route will be.

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